In 2014 and 2017, I curated two exhibition entitled “In the Garden with Friends”, an exhibition bringing together a diverse mix of artists working in a variety of media.  Both exhibitions took place at the Barn Gallery at The Bield, located just outside of Perth, which provides the artists with a superb exhibition space, in a serene and tranquil area.

Central to both exhibitions is me, Katy Galbraith, a mosaic artist who works in primarily recycled materials. Flowers in abundance feature in much of my work, reflective of her love of my garden.  But my art goes beyond the decorative, as sI often employ mosaic to a more practical purpose by creating mirrors, table tops and garden sculptures and installations.  To see the full range of what I do, visit my website katygalbraith.co.uk.

However, I wanted to find a place to keep my mosaic musings, what stimulates me, work-in-progress etc in one place, leaving my main website as a showcase of completed work, My Etsy online shop for smaller items available to buy, so that this blog does not become a place just to sell, sell, sell.  But also to bring in other parts of me, such as flowers, gardening, my great group of creative friends, what we are all doing…  so hopefully, there will be a selection of guest posts, a bit of re-blogging and a cross-section of many different work, identities and stimulation for all!

August (just about into September) 2017


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