Deadlines and Countdowns


Life is busy just now, but then what’s new. Since moving to our new pad out at Dalchonzie, where I’m just doing mosaic and no B&B, I’ve been going from project to project which is always good fun.

In May, I saw an opportunity to submit a design for an ‘animal parade’ . This one was called “Crieff Cowches” and it was essentially 11 life-sized highland cows to be decorated. Normal people, such as “In the Garden with Friends” artists Ceri White and Gail Robertson, would do this by painting, however I have always wanted to do a mosaic one. And given that it was in the town where I had lived for 20 years, and Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance will be the beneficiary after the auction in October, a great cause, I thought I’d give it a go.

I was approached by Graham of Gordon & Durward. He wanted to sponsor me and we came up with the idea of covering it in mice, given that Gordon & Durward make sugar mice. The cow is called “Sweetie Annie”.

So making this Mosaic took place in June. It involved over 25 mice and took me approximately 260 hours with a further 120 hours by volunteers over a 30 day period. As with my usual style, I tried to incorporate as much old crockery as possible. All the work in progress photographs can be seen on my Facebook page in the Sweetie Annie album.

Sweetie Annie Full
Sweetie Annie in Crieff

The auction for Sweetie Annie will take place on the Wednesday, 9th of October with a black-tie dinner at the Hydro Hotel in Crieff. If you would like more information contact David McCann by email on, or get in touch with me and I’ll pass it on. Tickets for the event evening can be bought via Eventbrite.

Sweetie Annie Head


Perthshire Open Studios is approaching fast with only 10 or so days to go, running from the 7th to the 15th of September. 10am until 5pm. I’m going to be closed on the Thursday this year.  Look out for venue 112 on the Green Route.

Visitors are always welcome even without necessarily buying anything. My passion for mosaics means that I can just talk about them until the cows come home.

I had asked via Facebook as to what kind of information would entice visitors to visit me, and got some great advice.  Some of this I have made into a series of banners. So here goes

Perthshire Open Studios Details
Perthshire Open Studios Details
Perthshire Open Studies 2019 visitors welcome
Perthshire Open Studies 2019 visitors welcome
Map of how to find venue 112, Katy Galbraith
Map of how to find venue 112, Katy Galbraith
Map of Dalchonzie area
Map of Dalchonzie Area

Whilst I have many things on the table right now, including mirrors, mosaic balls, little slates, little birds: my usual scatter- brained approach, I also have to progress our bathroom mosaic which is very intricate and based on a paisley design.

But this year is all about the birds…

Hanging Birds in Mosaic
Hanging Birds in Mosaic, each one is unique

I do hope you can come visit…

Gillian Hunt

Magical Enchanted Forests

Growing up I often felt that I somehow didn’t quite fit – and wasn’t interested in the usual games of children.


Instead I found a great deal of joy just spending time in the woods and fields that surrounded where I lived – spending time looking at plants and animals and insects. Also managing to cause disasters when my caterpillars and stick insects got out of control and caused mini insect plagues. Here though I found a totally and utterly absorbing land full of wonder and magic. Somewhere special where I always felt I belonged without question. Somewhere there was no judgement, no pressure, no time limits. A place where I could just exist and ‘be’.

This ‘communing’ with nature has continued throughout my growing up and into my adult life. I am lucky enough to now spend time every day with the flora and fauna where I live in Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands, either just being with it all, studying it, talking to it and when the time and the light is right photographing it.


Nature in all its year round glory is my muse and through it I find that I am able to explore and express myself – both in the light and through all shades of emotion to the deepest dark . . . The plants I find and the seeds I grow transform into magical Enchanted Forests that I am able to explore in minute detail and then in turn I am able to share what I see and feel with people who are ‘moved’ by my images and what those images inspire in them… Currently exploring my ‘dark’ phase!!!







Phone number – 01567 820990

Address – The Steading, Wester Lix, Killin, Perthshire, FK21 8RD

Jenna McDonald

Unique Jewellery in Aluminium and Silver

I am the resident jeweller and owner of Tangled Up In Blue – Contemporary Craft Boutique & Studio which is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Strathearn, Perthshire.


My love of colour is what drives my passion for contemporary jewellery design and I use this to create bold and vibrant collections of anodised aluminium and sterling silver jewellery.

My fascination with colour has come from a lifelong appreciation of our natural surroundings, from lush Scottish landscapes and tranquil seascapes to the vivid hues and patterns found in flora and fauna. Every individual piece can incorporate a spectrum of colours and effects, inspiring in the wearer a personal closeness to the elemental forms of nature.

Discovering a medium like aluminium has allowed me to explore the use of colour and form in a fun and experimental way. By using various anodising techniques I achieve multiple colour combinations, patterns and textures which has limitless possibilities and potential. Due to its lightweight and versatile qualities I can create statement pieces of jewellery which have presence and style whilst remaining comfortable to wear. I also combine silver in my designs which not only adds an element of preciousness but encourages further design developments and helps me express new creative possibilities.

Currently I am adapting my designs to incorporate more of a visual element from our natural world by using hand-drawn motifs of botanical images taken from my own sketches and photography. By applying ink directly onto the surface of the metal in a watercolour fashion, I can recreate my sketches on the metal in a loose and freehand manner, creating beautiful, ingrained designs, ready to be transformed into my next piece of unique jewellery.

Tangled Up In Blue Boutique & Studio, 16 East High Street, Crieff PH7 3AF

Telephone: 07581876914