Perthshire Creates Summer Design Market ~ Saturday 23rd June ~ Civic Hall, Perth

I have finally got the opportunity to participate in a summer event, having been so closely tied to seasonal work for the last 25 years… I have broken free, no longer at the beck and call of the tourist season, and am going to attend my first summer selling event.

This one is organised by Perthshire Creates, and takes place in the lovely Civic Hall at the Tay River end of the High Street, which was refurbished a couple of years ago.  It has lots of light and space, which makes for a great venue for a craft and design fair.  Many of the In the Garden with Friends exhibitors are participating in this fair, given that so many of my creative friends are actually located in Perthshire!

In the run up to the event, some of us have provided count-down images.  Here is todays one made by Bradley Napier Design.  My offering is at 4 days to go and features my Mavis sculpture, so if you want to see that, head over to the Perthshire Creates Event on Facebook Page


I will be focussing on my decorative slates which are suitable for outdoors – so think flowers, birds and fish, working my way through a pile of slates that have recently moved house with me, and also a stash of bone china plates (I have been working on a large project which has used the flat centres of dinner plates, leaving me with lots of edging, too good to throw away)

Other artists from the In the Garden with Friends crew who will be there are:

Crafty Lou
Kirsty Dalton
Kate Mclaughlin


Jenna McDonald
Diana King
Ceri White
Jo Cound


Perthshire Creates Summer Design Market ~ Saturday 23rd June ~ 10am – 4.30pm ~ Civic Hall, Perth


John Maguire

From floral sinks to tableware

John Maguire has been involved with Ceramics full-time since 1986.

His pots are held in public collections including Aberdeen Art Gallery and Perth Museum and Art Gallery. John has also undertaken commissions such as the production of exclusive tableware for “Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles” Restaurant.

He has taken part in over 100 exhibitions. Although best known for his wheel-thrown pots, John started to produce his distinctive flower-shaped Urinals and Wash Hand Basins in 2010. Dobbies/Tesco UK have been commissioning flower shaped urinals and wash hand basins to be installed in their new garden centres all over the UK.

The floral Wash Hand Basins and Urinals are individually made by John from the same durable porcelain used for standard Sanitary Ware. All are fully functional and easily fitted.

Bee Orchid urinal

“Whether you install these in your home or business, they are guaranteed to create a talking point for visitors long after they leave the premises. Transform an often overlooked space into somewhere lively and colourful, providing a unique alternative to traditional bathroom ceramics.”


Rachel Sutherland


Rachel’s work is largely a record of her observations in many lands over the years, being well travelled, rendered in pen, ink and water colour.

More recently settled in Belgium, she is painting landscapes and portraits on canvas. In any work she strives to illustrate it’s ‘essence’, a nebulous concept based on contemplation of the object under study.

Rachel’s work has two distinct avenues: abstract and figurative. A keen observer of life, she draws fluently and this has been developed through the use of oil pastel studies and a series of landscape paintings. Her abstract work is a celebration of, really, the Indian miniature, of colour and composition.

“I believe that life gives me all I need. All I need to do is look, either outside, or inside, the inspiration is a constant joy.”


(editors note: I love that Rachel accidentially sent me a picture of her cat, so included it here)




Allan Craig

Copper and Pewter Sculpting

Allan Craig of Arc Designs learned the art of sculpting copper and pewter at Second City Studios, Glasgow in the late 80s.
For the first few years he produced pieces which were a fusion of traditional Celtic and “Arts and Crafts” styles.

Then, for a period of ten years designing and producing, exclusively for Liberty’s of London, a sort of re-interpretation of the traditional “Arts and Crafts” style, a range of mirrors, mantel-clocks and lamp-bases.



From this beginning a new style gradually evolved which is more abstract and contemporary with an organic feel to it.



Kirsty Dalton

Sculptural Pieces in Wood

Kirsty is a visual artist currently based in Scotland, that works in a range of methods and processes, currently focusing on combining traditional methods of wood-working with a contemporary process of pyrography. For her, making her work interactive is very important – She enjoys seeing audiences engage with the work she has created, which is why she works predominantly with natural materials and bold shapes. These entice the audience, and encourages them to feel the pieces. The burnt in patterns will bring the audience in closer, allowing the viewer to have a more personal experience.


Within her practice she has gained huge amounts of experience in conducting herself in large events and exhibitions whilst working in a variety of ways with the community. She has personally run workshops and done demonstrations with a variety of places and with people of all ages. She has two main lines of work outside her art practice; wood turning line ‘Primitive’ and scrap metal jewellery line ‘Relics’

Man Standing on the Edge

Primal is a new line of wooden sculptural works produced by artist Kirsty Dalton. They are based on traditional methods of hand carving and working in a primitive nature focusing on bold shapes with burnt in detail; which has all been done free hand. Kirsty Dalton’s work took a purely instinctive approach to creating this new line of work.

Kirsty worked in association with Dundee city council forestry section who donated the wood to go towards a bigger project of new sculptural works, some of which have been donated to Camperdown Park Dundee.

The wood used to create these works was ethical and locally sourced within Scotland. It was important to the artist for the wood to be sourced in an ethical way when working on it in such a large scale.