Something Different for Christmas

I have the joys of participating in the Dunning Christmas Fair, on Sunday 26th November, so only a couple of weeks away now… so my workshop is chaotic, with half-done flowers on slates in anticipation.

Now in it’s 19th year, this display of hand-made work by a curated selection of local artists is one to behold!  the quality of the work improves year on year, with the mix of artists changing a bit each time.  Many of the artists were part of the In the Garden with Friends exhibition, and indeed, there were some that became friends due to participating in the previous Dunning fairs.

The fair will be open 11.30 until 4pm, Sunday 26th November 2017

Visit the Facebook Page here to find out more, and to share with your friends and family

And Up and Running

Draw breath, enjoy life, and relax

That is what I have been up to in the last week since the exhibition opened to great acclaim. The private view was hoochin’, a great turnout, with about 250 guests (guesstimate), and the carpark over-flowed onto the country lanes…

So to share some images of the exhibition, before it all kicked off, and my carefully curated room got peppered by red dots, and gaps in the display due to sales.

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The In the Garden with Friends exhibition is evolving as the first week has gone by, with artist’s bringing in ‘top ups’ of work, which I personally think keeps adding interest!

So we are about half-way through the exhibition, and here are some of the comments received so far:

“The exhibition is well worth a visit. So much local talent deserves plenty of attention from far and wide.”

“So much talent under one roof and reasonable prices for unique pieces of art. Loved my visit and my Ceri White purchases 💖🌻

“Went the other day xxfantastic!!”

“great venue and a great selection of talented people”

Gillian Hunt

Magical Enchanted Forests

Growing up I often felt that I somehow didn’t quite fit – and wasn’t interested in the usual games of children.


Instead I found a great deal of joy just spending time in the woods and fields that surrounded where I lived – spending time looking at plants and animals and insects. Also managing to cause disasters when my caterpillars and stick insects got out of control and caused mini insect plagues. Here though I found a totally and utterly absorbing land full of wonder and magic. Somewhere special where I always felt I belonged without question. Somewhere there was no judgement, no pressure, no time limits. A place where I could just exist and ‘be’.

This ‘communing’ with nature has continued throughout my growing up and into my adult life. I am lucky enough to now spend time every day with the flora and fauna where I live in Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands, either just being with it all, studying it, talking to it and when the time and the light is right photographing it.


Nature in all its year round glory is my muse and through it I find that I am able to explore and express myself – both in the light and through all shades of emotion to the deepest dark . . . The plants I find and the seeds I grow transform into magical Enchanted Forests that I am able to explore in minute detail and then in turn I am able to share what I see and feel with people who are ‘moved’ by my images and what those images inspire in them… Currently exploring my ‘dark’ phase!!!







Phone number – 01567 820990

Address – The Steading, Wester Lix, Killin, Perthshire, FK21 8RD

Morag Lloyds

Mixed Media in 3D

Morag has had a varied art background.

She trained in London in the 1970’s in display. Later after a move to the Medway Towns and a new life living on an old Thames Barge Morag started a fine art course at Chatham College in Kent with Jim Gunnel. After moving back up to Scotland in the early 80’s Morag started working freelance, returning to College to study Illustration Design and Fine Art.

Since then she has exhibited her work at the R.S.W  and the R.S.A.  She  has shown work with Flying Colours Gallery, Chelsea in New York and London and has exhibited widely around the UK.

This year she has a major show in Dartmouth and is also exhibiting in London, Dorset and Cambridge as well as Scotland in Edinburgh, Dunbar, Buchlyvie and several galleries west Coast of Scotland including Kirkcudbright.  Morag has her work published with Tartan 2CV and Natural Partners Art

Inspired by the many years sailing around the western Isles; the landscape, the stories of past generations and the wildlife, Morag started to experiment with working in 3d  with driftwood and wood offcuts and together with found items she has created her first collection of little harbours. Morag also works with vintage textiles creating one of a kind birds and she also makes jewellery from vintage and found /discarded pieces.

Morag will be showing all of the above work in a mini format at “in The Garden With Friends ”





Annette Forsyth

Landscape and Macro Photography

I am a nature photographer based in Crieff.
Following my love of nature I studied Geography and Biology. Photography soon became a serious hobby fed by a lot of time spent outdoors and later in my garden.

Rannoch Moor

What inspires me to make images is a sense of wonder at nature’s intricate beauty and its ever-changing, ephemeral quality. Although I have always loved being in nature, photography has taught me to see. As a photographer, you become very attuned to changes in light and mood and your eye is always looking for compositions. When I am out with the camera, I get lost in the process and return refreshed.

My work can be loosely split into close-up & macro and landscape images. Although very different in approach and effect, in both genres I aim to portray the ability of light to turn an ordinary scene into something magical.
Certainly in my landscape work I am not a minimalist and am particularly drawn to texture and intricate detail.

Perhaps growing up with a big forest across the road has something to do with that and my affinity with trees.

My close up work by contrast has moved in the opposite direction and is becoming increasingly soft with less and less sharp detail.

Standing Stone Sunrise


Many of my images are taken in Strathearn and Perthshire, but as I also travel a fair bit, my work covers most of Scotland.

What I hope to achieve through my images is not only to share my experiences, but perhaps to play a very small part in increasing people’s appreciation of our environment as a first step in wanting to protect it.

In 2011 Annette Forsyth Photography was born. I have since been awarded a Licentiateship Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and am working towards an Associate Distinction. I have participated in Perthshire Open Studios for 5 years now and taken part in several exhibitions.

My images are for sale online, in a selection of shops, at fairs and I also lead week long photography tours in some of the most beautiful corners of Scotland.


Anna Olson

Ceramic Art and Jewellery

My varied ceramic work reflects my inquisitive nature and attention to detail. It is largely based on experimentation, whether in the layering of glazes, the play with form or the process of making.


Based in a shedio (shed studio) in my garden in Crieff, Perthshire I gain an enormous amount of inspiration from the landscape around me, as well as that of the West Coast and the ever-changing natural world beyond.

I strive to produce work that marries aesthetics and function and aim for dynamic and unique works of art.

Pieces are either wheel-thrown or hand-built and are fired in an electric kiln. I like working with different clays and the challenges and possibilities that brings. Lately I have been working in raku (the ancient Japanese glaze firing process), which is spontaneous and dramatic, often producing vibrant and unique effects.


Most of my works are either one-off pieces or a limited run, where every piece is individually considered and carefully crafted.



Etsy Shop


Georgia Crook

Paper & Willow Sculpture

Georgia is a freelance artist, who uses mainly willow and paper. She is based on Loch Tay.

Queen of Hearts

Georgia works as a community arts facilitator as well as producing work for galleries/ events/commissions. She has a strong background and interest in natural history and cultural heritage and this has a significant impact on the work she produces.

Bea One

Her work varies from year to year, but she is currently specialising in the use of combined paper and willow. The willow is grown locally and organically; the papers are mostly fine/hand made papers which are then waxed/treated/embelished by her, unless she makes the paper herself..  Where possible colours are protected with UV sprays. Any raw clays used also have a protective treatment.

Georgia is an enthusiastic proponent of the role Creative Practice plays within local communities but in recent years she has also produced work for The National Museums  of Scotland, The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh, The Ryder Cup, Perth Arts Festival, to name a few.

Flood Colony