Light a Candle

Light a Candle

Light a candle for the refugees

and, closer to home, for the homeless.

Light a candle for the dispossessed.

Light a candle for the turkeys!


Light a candle for the soup kitchens

and for the soup dragon and for soup!

Light a fart for the Brussels sprout.

and brandy for the plum pudding.


Light a candle for those who are angels

in both literal and metaphorical senses.

Light a candle and hang the expenses.

Light a candle to the alcohol!


Light some incense for the hippies,

for peace and compassion and kindness.

Light a candle for the lonely and depressed.

Light one for the holly and the ivy



and for the mistletoe and robin and dove.

Light a candle for a new saviour’s birth,

for all beings that share our ailing Earth.

And light a candle for love.


This poem, by my good friend Patricia Ace, really sums up 2017 Christmas for me.  There is so much c**p going on in the world at the moment, yet so many good people (unsung heroes) beavering away in their neck of the woods to make their communities better.  There are so many people who are out there for themselves, filling their lives up with stuff, rather than seeking friendships and life changing experiences.  It has to change at some point in time, where politically and socially we regain compassion for others, not just our own little bubble… I still blame Margaret Thatcher and legacy that has gone on for more than a generation now!

On Saturday we hosted a ‘bring a dish’ supper with our closest friends from Crieff; Patricia & Fin, Annette & Martin, Beverley & Allan, Jacqui & Noel (Anna & Neil couldn’t make it), and it was lovely to spend a fun evening with people that for whatever reason are important so to you.  Next Saturday, we will be “doing lunch” with a group of friends who were at college with my husband, they have remained a close knit group for the last 30 years.  Again, it will be special.

And then for Christmas, gifting is complicated.  I have expressed a desire for no more stuff, just inexpensive consumables that are wee treats (I do like a good soap [or holiday]).  We do have children, albeit that they are now in their 20s, and it is nice to give them something… and as for my husband… I have bought myself a place on a mosaic course down in London next year ~ from him!

But my main gift over Christmas is to volunteer on Christmas Day with Crisis at Christmas in Edinburgh for the first time ever.  At the induction day, I was suprised that there were so many serial volunteers, who have done it every year, coming back for more.  It must be well rewarding!  I will be playing games, talking, chatting, hopefully getting to drum or dance with the samba band who will be there, and then crash all exhausted, but satified, at 8pm or so at the comfortable home with family…

I am also seeking sponsorship which will be used for their year ’round work to end homelessness… now there is a wish to light a candle to!  

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Poem Credit: Patricia Ace – and her book of poems is available to buy from her inspite of the publisher recently going bust!

Seasons Greetings
Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas