And Up and Running

Draw breath, enjoy life, and relax

That is what I have been up to in the last week since the exhibition opened to great acclaim. The private view was hoochin’, a great turnout, with about 250 guests (guesstimate), and the carpark over-flowed onto the country lanes…

So to share some images of the exhibition, before it all kicked off, and my carefully curated room got peppered by red dots, and gaps in the display due to sales.

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The In the Garden with Friends exhibition is evolving as the first week has gone by, with artist’s bringing in ‘top ups’ of work, which I personally think keeps adding interest!

So we are about half-way through the exhibition, and here are some of the comments received so far:

“The exhibition is well worth a visit. So much local talent deserves plenty of attention from far and wide.”

“So much talent under one roof and reasonable prices for unique pieces of art. Loved my visit and my Ceri White purchases 💖🌻

“Went the other day xxfantastic!!”

“great venue and a great selection of talented people”

Maria Nordgren

in forming the clay…

I have worked in clay most of my life, had my initial training in Sweden in the early 70s, but it was only when we arrived in Scotland 11 years ago I could start to work with pottery full time.

Carved wood fired porcelain vase.jpg

I make mainly functional pots, all hand made in small series of unique pieces. My work is either thrown or hand built, in porcelain or stoneware and usually fired in an electric kiln. Some of my more recent work is fired in gas or wood fuelled kilns.

My main interest has always been in forming the clay and I still love to feel it take shape in my hands, changing from a solid, formless lump; seeing it gradually gaining structure, texture, function and character.

Carved clematis porcelain vase

For many years I have preferred the natural colours of clay, usually only glazing my pots on the inside for function and to create a lustrous contrast to the matt surface of the naked clay.

I have started to experiment with different firing techniques and I am especially fascinated by the glazes and textures made possible by reduction firing with gas and wood.

Photography by Shannon Tofts

Contact: 01828 632179

Katharine Huggett

Felting, weaving, embroidery…

Katharine Huggett Feltmaker and Fabric Manipulator who lives in Blackford Perthshire. She is married with two grown up kids who have now flown the nest leaving her to further explore the world of fibre

Katharine has spent all her life “playing with textiles” and has tried her hand at many crafts before discovering feltmaking on Orkney which has remained an influence in many of the pieces she has made since. In 2009 Katharine gave up working as a Gymnastics Teacher and Swimming Coach to enable her to spend more time working with textiles. She Teaches workshops in a variety of subjects and her work can be seen at various forth coming events near her home. She contributed a number of the banners in the “Standards of Scottish Heritage” Exhibition which is currently on tour round the UK and well as a number of private commissions.

Embroidery is another one of Katharine’s favoured mediums and in recent years it has increasingly become her focus with her one of a kind items. She produces both large and small items that are totally unique, never to be repeated. The range of materials used in her sometimes quirky items is diverse and sometimes unexpected from coir to cotton and Shetland Wool to Shells.

Very aware of the damage humans do to the planet , Katharine uses reclaimed materials within her work. She can often be seen rummaging through boxes in charity shops and at the Remake Scrap store in Crieff. Her recycling also extends to making her own looms from bed frames!




John Maguire

From floral sinks to tableware

John Maguire has been involved with Ceramics full-time since 1986.

His pots are held in public collections including Aberdeen Art Gallery and Perth Museum and Art Gallery. John has also undertaken commissions such as the production of exclusive tableware for “Andrew Fairlie @ Gleneagles” Restaurant.

He has taken part in over 100 exhibitions. Although best known for his wheel-thrown pots, John started to produce his distinctive flower-shaped Urinals and Wash Hand Basins in 2010. Dobbies/Tesco UK have been commissioning flower shaped urinals and wash hand basins to be installed in their new garden centres all over the UK.

The floral Wash Hand Basins and Urinals are individually made by John from the same durable porcelain used for standard Sanitary Ware. All are fully functional and easily fitted.

Bee Orchid urinal

“Whether you install these in your home or business, they are guaranteed to create a talking point for visitors long after they leave the premises. Transform an often overlooked space into somewhere lively and colourful, providing a unique alternative to traditional bathroom ceramics.”


The Posters

We have to say a big thank you to Neil Thomson of N T Design for the brilliant work on the posters.  The team just love them, and they really captured the spirit of the exhibition.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, here are the four posters:

Poster featuring Lorna Radbourne’s stained glass owl
Morag Lloyds
Poster featuring the wee houses made by Morag Lloyds
A4poster barbara
Poster featuring Bab Pease print
A4poster ann
Poster featuring Ann Smith felted wool picture


And the countdown is on – as I sit at my computer on a sunny day, doing the signage and other miscellaneous bits of information.  Delivery tomorrow, and setting up during the week, and the Private View on Friday. Open to all from Saturday.

See you there!

Tracy Markey

Felter, dyer and tutor 

As the main focus of Tracy’s work is centred around responding to nature, she was delighted to be asked to participate once more in “In The Garden With Friends”.

Expanding the garden theme to include trees, Tracy’s work has been created especially for this exhibition.  Her birch tree vessels are, in part, inspired by the poem “song trees“ by Morgan Downie and partly in response to the many hours she spends wandering through forests of birch trees.

Preferring to create predominantly with ethically sourced and local fibre Tracy particularly enjoys the transformative nature of the process that occurs when water, soap and movement are applied to individual wool fibres.  In essence, a magical alchemy.

Working out of her dedicated felting workshop in Crieff, Tracy is also the proprietor of Lagom Felt Studio – a fibre and yarn emporium with accompanying art and craft gift gallery.