Ceri White

Juicily glazed earthenware houseplant vessels

Ceri is an art school trained and experienced ceramic artist, living and working in Dunning in rural Perthshire.

Now specialising in beautifully patterned and juicily glazed earthenware houseplant vessels, this is a relatively recent change of direction born of a desire to create small indoor gardens with ceramic pebbles and cactus/succulent pots. From there, Ceri has developed a range of similarly styled spice pots, yarn bowls, and now quirky, wobbly bottles and continues to be influenced by a set of hard-to-shake-off reaccuring motifs and doodles. Add to that a love and understanding of colour, more doodling, and your typical 1970’s suburban childhood with all the mad 50’s and 60’s gear that was still lying around at our granma’s houses then… and you have the creative workings of Ceri’s brain.


The cactus pots began as pinch pots but are now mostly thrown on a potter’s wheel and decorated with black and white slips (liquid clays), over which are applied translucent glazes after a first ‘biscuit’ firing; after a second glaze firing the pots are complete. Every single piece is unique – each piece is decorated to best fit the individual shape – and Ceri employs just a few traditional techniques to produce a a confection of ceramic colour and pattern; colourful and stylish but fun….

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