Interview with The Artists: Cal Scott

1)  Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Cal aka Sad Panda Printing, and I design and screenprint laser cut wooden jewellery and accessories.


2) What is your process?

I draw out a pattern in my sketchbook which I then photograph and tweak on the computer. I print the finished pattern onto acetate and use it to create a silkscreen; this is done by coating the screen in photo emulsion, laying the acetate on top and exposing it to a bright light in a dark room.
My wooden shapes start life as a sketchbook drawing which I then turn into a vector drawing ready for laser cutting. Once the shapes are cut and sand them down to leave a nice smooth surface to print on.

3) If you walked into a shop/gallery and saw your work for the first time as a customer, how would you describe it?

Original, contemporary, well-designed, well-crafted, tactile.

4) Did you have a ‘non-creative’ life/career before doing what you do now and how did it compare?

My most recent job was retail-buying for a cookshop. I now earn a 10th of what I used to and no longer receive freebies of posh kitchenware. On the plus side I get to spend lots of time with the dog.

5) Apart from your hands, what is you favourite tool or material to work with?

My mini sander (sanding is my least favourite part of the process and it has made life a lot easier!).

6) Is there a different medium/method of art/craft that you’d like to give a go?

Casting concrete vessels.

7) What visually inspires you?

Good design (usually Scandinavian!), colour, nature.

close up

8) What’s your favourite joke or limerick? Feel free to make up your own!

Q – Why were there no painkillers in the jungle?

A – Cos the parrots ate them all.


Author: inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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