Lynn Macgregor

Strathearn Snapshots
I just love taking photos and making short videos – particularly in my local area, where I have become known as The Strathearn Snapper.
I was delighted to be invited by Katy to be one of the friends in the garden and display some of my work in her exhibition.
I’ve chosen Swans as the theme.
Last year I was commissioned to provide a series of photographs of swans for a client and became absorbed in trying to create some pleasing pictures of these magnificent birds. I got to know the pairs on the loch very well, so much so that I continue to visit them and they now come when I call. They even brought their newly hatched cygnets to meet me!
As Katy has expanded her In The Garden With Friends exhibition, I like to think that the “garden” now includes a pond with some graceful swans on it!


Instagram: thestrathearnsnapper


Author: inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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