Dave Hunt

Experimental Photography
Dave Hunt, a self taught fine art photographer hiding away down the end of a track near Killin in Perthshire. My style of photography ?, well that seems to be rather diverse and constantly changing. Today it’s a mix of digital compositions and victorian/vintage analogue film processes … a did say it was diverse !!
What can you expect to see at Friends in the Garden this year ?
Definitely some digital fine art prints featuring trees, landscapes and figures and no doubt there will be some of my recent alternative process handmade prints from Salts to Cyanotypes.
Also if I get my act together I will be sharing some of my most recent experimental work using an 1870’s process where the print is created with chemicals onto glass and aluminium plates inside the camera, it’s called Wet Plate photography cos that’s what it is.
A favourite quote to summarise my work –
“I think that emotional content is an image’s most important element, regardless of the photographic technique.”
Anne Geddes
Is that all … well not quite as those with an appetite for learning can also find details of our training workshops in all things photographic.
Email: dave@davehunt.eu

Author: inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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