Caron Ironside

‘Retro’ in a fresh and contemporary style

As a designer I’m inspired by anything and everything that catches my eye, my brain works in ‘pattern mode’ and designs are developing all the time from both what I see visually and what I discover by peeling back the layers of a subject I’m researching.

My textile designs encompass ‘retro’ in a fresh and contemporary style. Preferring the appeal of hand drawn designs I welcome the irregularities which appear in my patterns once screen printed by hand onto natural linen union fabric, creating a ‘rustic retro’ collection of homewares including cushions and lampshades.

Other collections feature a more painterly style playing with the unpredictability of how the paint reacts when designs are hand painted directly onto fabric, meaning that each design is truly unique.

Patterns and colour are simple yet striking, both complementing existing interiors or creating a feature piece, depending on how they are used. My designs are modern yet appear timeless and have a quirky nature which appeals to someone who enjoys creating an individual style.


When creating new work, I feel it’s important to enjoy experimenting with new design developments and production techniques including digital printing, opening up the possibility of new designs and finished products, which means collections are constantly evolving.

Good quality raw materials and supplies are sourced from within the UK which combines the best of the handcrafted design process with modern technology.   I’m equally passionate about up cycling beautiful fabrics in interesting, alternative and desirable ways, and enjoy the challenge and unpredictability that up cycling presents.


I also enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and run workshops which include simple lampshade making as well as slightly more involved workshops where participants create something truly unique either printing their own fabric or by using appliqué techniques to develop their own designs.


Author: inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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