Jenna McDonald

Unique Jewellery in Aluminium and Silver

I am the resident jeweller and owner of Tangled Up In Blue – Contemporary Craft Boutique & Studio which is situated in the beautiful surroundings of Strathearn, Perthshire.


My love of colour is what drives my passion for contemporary jewellery design and I use this to create bold and vibrant collections of anodised aluminium and sterling silver jewellery.

My fascination with colour has come from a lifelong appreciation of our natural surroundings, from lush Scottish landscapes and tranquil seascapes to the vivid hues and patterns found in flora and fauna. Every individual piece can incorporate a spectrum of colours and effects, inspiring in the wearer a personal closeness to the elemental forms of nature.

Discovering a medium like aluminium has allowed me to explore the use of colour and form in a fun and experimental way. By using various anodising techniques I achieve multiple colour combinations, patterns and textures which has limitless possibilities and potential. Due to its lightweight and versatile qualities I can create statement pieces of jewellery which have presence and style whilst remaining comfortable to wear. I also combine silver in my designs which not only adds an element of preciousness but encourages further design developments and helps me express new creative possibilities.

Currently I am adapting my designs to incorporate more of a visual element from our natural world by using hand-drawn motifs of botanical images taken from my own sketches and photography. By applying ink directly onto the surface of the metal in a watercolour fashion, I can recreate my sketches on the metal in a loose and freehand manner, creating beautiful, ingrained designs, ready to be transformed into my next piece of unique jewellery.

Tangled Up In Blue Boutique & Studio, 16 East High Street, Crieff PH7 3AF

Telephone: 07581876914









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