Annette Forsyth

Landscape and Macro Photography

I am a nature photographer based in Crieff.
Following my love of nature I studied Geography and Biology. Photography soon became a serious hobby fed by a lot of time spent outdoors and later in my garden.


Rannoch Moor

What inspires me to make images is a sense of wonder at nature’s intricate beauty and its ever-changing, ephemeral quality. Although I have always loved being in nature, photography has taught me to see. As a photographer, you become very attuned to changes in light and mood and your eye is always looking for compositions. When I am out with the camera, I get lost in the process and return refreshed.

My work can be loosely split into close-up & macro and landscape images. Although very different in approach and effect, in both genres I aim to portray the ability of light to turn an ordinary scene into something magical.
Certainly in my landscape work I am not a minimalist and am particularly drawn to texture and intricate detail.

Perhaps growing up with a big forest across the road has something to do with that and my affinity with trees.

My close up work by contrast has moved in the opposite direction and is becoming increasingly soft with less and less sharp detail.


Standing Stone Sunrise


Many of my images are taken in Strathearn and Perthshire, but as I also travel a fair bit, my work covers most of Scotland.

What I hope to achieve through my images is not only to share my experiences, but perhaps to play a very small part in increasing people’s appreciation of our environment as a first step in wanting to protect it.

In 2011 Annette Forsyth Photography was born. I have since been awarded a Licentiateship Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and am working towards an Associate Distinction. I have participated in Perthshire Open Studios for 5 years now and taken part in several exhibitions.

My images are for sale online, in a selection of shops, at fairs and I also lead week long photography tours in some of the most beautiful corners of Scotland.



About inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Crieff
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