Cal Scott

Sad Panda Printing

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Hons in Design & Applied Arts, I have worked in various media including ceramics, graphic design and textiles. Inspired by a love of colour and pattern, combined with a long-held interest in printmaking, I taught myself to screenprint in 2015 with the intention of producing an accessible range of products.


Blue Herringbone Ram

Using my own hand-drawn linear patterns as a starting point, my first prints were on greetings cards, and from there I developed a large range of simple but striking designs. For me the beauty of screenprinting is it enables me to translate a pattern onto a whole range of surfaces; recently I have been concentrating on printing birch plywood shapes, discovering great satisfaction in the texture of the ink on a bare wooden surface. This has led me to produce a range of wooden pictures, postcards, flat-packs and jewellery, and the texture of the surface has become as important to me as the print I put on it – the grain of the wood forms part of the overall pattern, adding to the uniqueness of each piece.


Wooden Broaches



Wooden Pendant

The plywood shapes I use start life as original drawings, which I laser cut myself at a studio in Glasgow. All my work is individually printed and assembled by hand using non-toxic inks, high quality FSC approved ply, nickel-free metal and recycled card, and my ambition in life is to convert an old caravan into a home studio, preferably with a view of the sea…maybe one day!


Wooden Pictures




Etsy Shop




Triangle Print Cactus Flat Pack


About inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Crieff
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