Kate McLaughlin

Hand Made Sterling Silver Jewellery

Kate McLaughlin Jewellery is based in Perth and uses influences from the local landscape, found objects and design experience in other disciplines to create contemporary, hand made sterling silver jewellery.

kate-mclaughlin-jewellery-2-kg kate-mclaughlin-jewellery-1-kg






Kate’s design training is based in her architectural background and this has a huge influence in both the design process and final pieces. When designing Kate finds spatial concepts to be hugely satisfying to work with and is drawn to the elements of framing and negative spaces.

When considering architecture and jewellery together, jewellery provides an alternative medium and end product which challenges the design process to reconsider construction and to take greater consideration of the people inhabiting the spaces created.

Kate also looks to her surroundings for inspiration and her Perth based studio provides ample opportunities to explore the vibrant local landscape.


This collection, ‘Tail Fin’, originated with a found object from Tentsmuir Beach in Fife. The exploration of the three dimensional form in both paper and metal has led to the shapes and voids that are the underpinnings of the collection.

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A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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