Katy Galbraith

Making Mosaics with Recycled Materials

Many years ago, my husband and I couldn’t decide on what kind of garden table to get; he wanted a cheap picnic style table from the local DIY store, and I wanted a teak one with matching chairs. Then we agreed that a mosaic table would be good. The thing was that I had never made a mosaic, but a friend of mine taught it. So I went on a class and learnt how to cut tiles to shape and made a small piece. Then I made a 6′ x 4′ table top!

I was hooked!

Domino Clock
Through the Garden Gate

Since then, I have progressed from being a hobbyist to exhibiting in both mixed media shows and mosaic-only shows, to having work in galleries, mostly in Scotland, and to taking on commissions. And an Etsy shop…


I am a passionate recycler, and love the use of mixed materials in creating a mosaic, and feel that it is an important part of my work to illustrate the reuse of materials. It is often the receipt of a broken plate or cup that stimulates a new thought process and resulting mosaic; the colour or the texture of the item has a part to play. In my mosaics, I use a lot of wine bottle glass, reclaimed mirror and tile, crockery, remnants from a stained glass artist and junk jewellry – and the finished piece often depends upon what is in my stash of goodies in my studio. 

In terms of subjects, I love flowers and gardens, so many of my pieces are floral representations… sometimes as a slate suitable for outdoors, other times a more complex mirror for indoors.

bee stepping stone.jpg
Bee Garden Stepping Stone
Mavis, Garden Sculpture
Ying Yang Stepping Stone

My website is http://www.katygalbraith.co.uk – where you can see some of the bigger projects that I have undertaken in recent years, such as bathroom splash backs, some public art and sculpture.

Katy’s Website

Katy Galbraith’s Etsy Shop

Facebook Page



Flower Cloud


Author: inthegardenwithfriends

A mosaic artist located in Comrie

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