Fortingall Art Summer Exhibition – 21st July 2018

Another In the Garden with Friends artist, Dave Hunt, has written a piece about the upcoming Fortingall Art Summer Exhibition which opens on the 21st July 2018.

Jo Cound will also be joining Dave at the exhibition, alongside some other great talent!

So copied, rather than re-pressed (or whatever the term is), here is his article for you to enjoy.

Fortingall Art Summer Exhibition : 14 years and still getting better…

It’s now just 5 weeks until the Molteno Hall in the picturesque Perthshire village of Fortingall will be opening its doors for an annual art exhibition that attracts visitors from both the local community and across Scotland, and beyond.

…. in the words of our esteemed Chairman, artist Eric Timms …

“Glen Lyon is said to be the longest and loneliest Glen in Scotland. True. But it is also the most creative Glen in the entire country. If you doubt this ambitious statement then come to our exhibition and make up your own mind. 35 top local artists will proudly be displaying new, fresh and exciting work that always surprises those that see the work.

Photography, oil paintings, water colours, fused glass, sculptures, contemporary furniture are just a few of the mediums on display. Jewellery that will bring the romantic out in you. Ceramics to contemplate. Contemporary ideas that will confuse and delight. Meet the artists who spend their time trying to make this world a better place to live in. They too will confuse and delight you.

Hop onto our website on and follow the artists who will be exhibiting by travelling around their websites and blogs. All the information you need to find us, and more, is there.

As Picasso said. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”.

See you there dusty folk.

Eric Timms. Chairman.”

Fortingall Art Summer exhibition starts on Saturday 21st July and will be open every day until Sunday 5th August – admission free.

Small TullochsTeam LangoustineAutumn, Schiehallion from Loch RannochMoss in LoveQuercus PodsMinnow

The original article, and more images can be seen on their website here

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Perthshire Creates Summer Design Market ~ Saturday 23rd June ~ Civic Hall, Perth

I have finally got the opportunity to participate in a summer event, having been so closely tied to seasonal work for the last 25 years… I have broken free, no longer at the beck and call of the tourist season, and am going to attend my first summer selling event.

This one is organised by Perthshire Creates, and takes place in the lovely Civic Hall at the Tay River end of the High Street, which was refurbished a couple of years ago.  It has lots of light and space, which makes for a great venue for a craft and design fair.  Many of the In the Garden with Friends exhibitors are participating in this fair, given that so many of my creative friends are actually located in Perthshire!

In the run up to the event, some of us have provided count-down images.  Here is todays one made by Bradley Napier Design.  My offering is at 4 days to go and features my Mavis sculpture, so if you want to see that, head over to the Perthshire Creates Event on Facebook Page


I will be focussing on my decorative slates which are suitable for outdoors – so think flowers, birds and fish, working my way through a pile of slates that have recently moved house with me, and also a stash of bone china plates (I have been working on a large project which has used the flat centres of dinner plates, leaving me with lots of edging, too good to throw away)

Other artists from the In the Garden with Friends crew who will be there are:


Crafty Lou


Kirsty Dalton


Kate Mclaughlin



Jenna McDonald


Diana King


Ceri White


Jo Cound


Perthshire Creates Summer Design Market ~ Saturday 23rd June ~ 10am – 4.30pm ~ Civic Hall, Perth

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summer has arrived so time for some changes …. by Dave Hunt ~ one of the In the Garden with Friends exhibition participants

living rurally in the Highlands certainly has a romantic appeal, hiding away in the land of all those celtic legends, fascinating wildlife on the doorstep (literally at times) and never sure what the weather will be doing with wind sun and rain all in one day. on the flip side we have the challenges of […]

via summer has arrived so time for some changes …. — Dave Hunt


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Light a Candle

Light a Candle

Light a candle for the refugees

and, closer to home, for the homeless.

Light a candle for the dispossessed.

Light a candle for the turkeys!


Light a candle for the soup kitchens

and for the soup dragon and for soup!

Light a fart for the Brussels sprout.

and brandy for the plum pudding.


Light a candle for those who are angels

in both literal and metaphorical senses.

Light a candle and hang the expenses.

Light a candle to the alcohol!


Light some incense for the hippies,

for peace and compassion and kindness.

Light a candle for the lonely and depressed.

Light one for the holly and the ivy



and for the mistletoe and robin and dove.

Light a candle for a new saviour’s birth,

for all beings that share our ailing Earth.

And light a candle for love.


This poem, by my good friend Patricia Ace, really sums up 2017 Christmas for me.  There is so much c**p going on in the world at the moment, yet so many good people (unsung heroes) beavering away in their neck of the woods to make their communities better.  There are so many people who are out there for themselves, filling their lives up with stuff, rather than seeking friendships and life changing experiences.  It has to change at some point in time, where politically and socially we regain compassion for others, not just our own little bubble… I still blame Margaret Thatcher and legacy that has gone on for more than a generation now!

On Saturday we hosted a ‘bring a dish’ supper with our closest friends from Crieff; Patricia & Fin, Annette & Martin, Beverley & Allan, Jacqui & Noel (Anna & Neil couldn’t make it), and it was lovely to spend a fun evening with people that for whatever reason are important so to you.  Next Saturday, we will be “doing lunch” with a group of friends who were at college with my husband, they have remained a close knit group for the last 30 years.  Again, it will be special.

And then for Christmas, gifting is complicated.  I have expressed a desire for no more stuff, just inexpensive consumables that are wee treats (I do like a good soap [or holiday]).  We do have children, albeit that they are now in their 20s, and it is nice to give them something… and as for my husband… I have bought myself a place on a mosaic course down in London next year ~ from him!

But my main gift over Christmas is to volunteer on Christmas Day with Crisis at Christmas in Edinburgh for the first time ever.  At the induction day, I was suprised that there were so many serial volunteers, who have done it every year, coming back for more.  It must be well rewarding!  I will be playing games, talking, chatting, hopefully getting to drum or dance with the samba band who will be there, and then crash all exhausted, but satified, at 8pm or so at the comfortable home with family…

I am also seeking sponsorship which will be used for their year ’round work to end homelessness… now there is a wish to light a candle to!  

To donate:

Poem Credit: Patricia Ace – and her book of poems is available to buy from her inspite of the publisher recently going bust!

Seasons Greetings

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas

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Something Different for Christmas

I have the joys of participating in the Dunning Christmas Fair, on Sunday 26th November, so only a couple of weeks away now… so my workshop is chaotic, with half-done flowers on slates in anticipation.

Now in it’s 19th year, this display of hand-made work by a curated selection of local artists is one to behold!  the quality of the work improves year on year, with the mix of artists changing a bit each time.  Many of the artists were part of the In the Garden with Friends exhibition, and indeed, there were some that became friends due to participating in the previous Dunning fairs.

The fair will be open 11.30 until 4pm, Sunday 26th November 2017

Visit the Facebook Page here to find out more, and to share with your friends and family

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