Light a Candle

Light a Candle

Light a candle for the refugees

and, closer to home, for the homeless.

Light a candle for the dispossessed.

Light a candle for the turkeys!


Light a candle for the soup kitchens

and for the soup dragon and for soup!

Light a fart for the Brussels sprout.

and brandy for the plum pudding.


Light a candle for those who are angels

in both literal and metaphorical senses.

Light a candle and hang the expenses.

Light a candle to the alcohol!


Light some incense for the hippies,

for peace and compassion and kindness.

Light a candle for the lonely and depressed.

Light one for the holly and the ivy



and for the mistletoe and robin and dove.

Light a candle for a new saviour’s birth,

for all beings that share our ailing Earth.

And light a candle for love.


This poem, by my good friend Patricia Ace, really sums up 2017 Christmas for me.  There is so much c**p going on in the world at the moment, yet so many good people (unsung heroes) beavering away in their neck of the woods to make their communities better.  There are so many people who are out there for themselves, filling their lives up with stuff, rather than seeking friendships and life changing experiences.  It has to change at some point in time, where politically and socially we regain compassion for others, not just our own little bubble… I still blame Margaret Thatcher and legacy that has gone on for more than a generation now!

On Saturday we hosted a ‘bring a dish’ supper with our closest friends from Crieff; Patricia & Fin, Annette & Martin, Beverley & Allan, Jacqui & Noel (Anna & Neil couldn’t make it), and it was lovely to spend a fun evening with people that for whatever reason are important so to you.  Next Saturday, we will be “doing lunch” with a group of friends who were at college with my husband, they have remained a close knit group for the last 30 years.  Again, it will be special.

And then for Christmas, gifting is complicated.  I have expressed a desire for no more stuff, just inexpensive consumables that are wee treats (I do like a good soap [or holiday]).  We do have children, albeit that they are now in their 20s, and it is nice to give them something… and as for my husband… I have bought myself a place on a mosaic course down in London next year ~ from him!

But my main gift over Christmas is to volunteer on Christmas Day with Crisis at Christmas in Edinburgh for the first time ever.  At the induction day, I was suprised that there were so many serial volunteers, who have done it every year, coming back for more.  It must be well rewarding!  I will be playing games, talking, chatting, hopefully getting to drum or dance with the samba band who will be there, and then crash all exhausted, but satified, at 8pm or so at the comfortable home with family…

I am also seeking sponsorship which will be used for their year ’round work to end homelessness… now there is a wish to light a candle to!  

To donate:

Poem Credit: Patricia Ace – and her book of poems is available to buy from her inspite of the publisher recently going bust!

Seasons Greetings

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas

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Something Different for Christmas

I have the joys of participating in the Dunning Christmas Fair, on Sunday 26th November, so only a couple of weeks away now… so my workshop is chaotic, with half-done flowers on slates in anticipation.

Now in it’s 19th year, this display of hand-made work by a curated selection of local artists is one to behold!  the quality of the work improves year on year, with the mix of artists changing a bit each time.  Many of the artists were part of the In the Garden with Friends exhibition, and indeed, there were some that became friends due to participating in the previous Dunning fairs.

The fair will be open 11.30 until 4pm, Sunday 26th November 2017

Visit the Facebook Page here to find out more, and to share with your friends and family

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Wishing Stone

I really enjoyed this article a) because I like stone things b) because my husband does drystone features c) drystone is just like big mosaic d) cos it is Edinburgh

Emily At CED

Sometimes, be it for practical, technical or aesthetic reasons companies, when undertaking upgrading works, decide it’s out with the old and in with the new. If in a decent condition CED will purchase these unwanted and weathered materials for resale. We have reclaimed kerb, setts, walling and paving in stock at Castlecary Depot, and it might not be often but every once in a while we get something really special. This is one of those times.


Our Craigleith sandstone stock.


Fantastic isn’t it.

Ok, it might not look like much but let me tell you why this stone is so special.

Ok so for starters this stone is 350MILLION years old! It dates back to the carboniferous period, a quick search online will tell you more about the planet during this period. I will give you a quick summary, it was was hot, swampy and treey*.


The sandstone was…

View original post 625 more words

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Popping in Popping Up in Stockbridge (and Patriothall)

For those of you who know me personally, follow my angst about being a ‘real’ artist, and  in an art world where mosaics are deemed ‘craft’, I do have my moments when I like to push the buttons and create Art for Exhibitions.  However, I also think that there is a place for frivolous and affordable ‘art’, that brings joy to someone, be it as a gift or for oneself.

So on Wednesday, I hit both ends of the spectrum.  I kitted out my 1m x 2m section of a wall in a lovely shop in Stockbridge, Edinburgh with a variety of flowers, fish, Om’s and lighthouses…  all small mosaics on recycled slates.

Recycle Me Slates in Popping Up in Stockbridge

and then I helped install the Contemporary Mosaic Exhibition at Patriothall, on Hamilton Place.  My piece is entitled “Paolozzi’s Garden (Imagined)”, and depicts a bright garden (bright like a lot of Paolozzi’s mosaics were) with a sombre sculpture (sombre like a lot of his sculptures were)

Paolozzi's Garden (Imagined)

So from one extreme to another.

Back to Popping up in Stockbridge – what a lovely shop – enticing goodies to buy and really friendly staff, who are makers themselves.  So more at the quality ‘craft’ side of the shopping experience rather than a gallery, Popping up in Stockbridge is rammed to the gunnels with mosaics, lampshades, jewellery, upcycled furniture, cards and notebooks, prints and paintings… a shop with a wide selection to buy those gifts for… not yet ready for the C word!

so a few snaps that I took to show you what I mean!


Popping up is on Raeburn Place in Stockbridge – with opening hours 10 – 5.30.  You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.   My mosaics will be there until Wednesday 3rd October


And at the other end of the spectum, the Contemporary Mosaic Exhibiton is coming along a treat, showcasing work from BAMM (British Association for Modern Mosaic). Opening on Saturday, there are over 40 different pieces of mosaic art.  I am always amazed at how different each persons work is, and what we use to create our mosaics, from traditional mosaic tiles and glass, to broken crockery (that’s me) and stones… all totally different.  And rarely seen together as a collective, so you can compare and contrast.  So two snapshots from Wednesday



Open from Saturday 23rd, 12 noon until 5pm, at Patriothall, Hamilton Place, Stockbridge

BAMM is a member organisation – visit their website if keen on mosaics


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RE-Blog from Perthshire Open Studios

The Green Route is a long linear route, extending over 46 miles along the A85, from Methven in the East to Crianlarich in the West. The biggest town is Crieff, yet the biggest cluster of Open Studios is in Comrie, highlighting the creative hub that is emerging in West Perthshire. Personally, I think it justifies…

via Out and about on the Green Route — Perthshire Open Studios

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